Hi! 李盛忻 Li Shengxin here!

I’m currently an undergraduate student at Shanghaitech University(中文 / Eng), pursuing the bachelor degree of Computer Science. Now I’m a member of ViSeer LAB led by Prof. Quan Li 李权.
Before entering Shanghaitech, I’m a high school student at Tianjin Nankai High School.

My interests covers Interaction Design(IxD), Human-Computer Interaction(HCI), and Visualization. But current goal is just finish all the tasks and survive :(

Already done works

  1. Nankai Survival Guide:
    Yuque Link
    An unofficial guide to help the freshmen students get used to the pace of Nankai High School.
    Nankai Survival Guide Cover

  2. (Course Project) Data Visualization: 2022 Shanghai Covid-19 Visualization:
    Github Link
    Demo Video on Bilibili
    A post discussing the details would be uploaded in the future.
    Vis Project Poster

  3. (Course Project) Introduction to IxD: Research on Multimodal Interaction
    Post Link
    Maybe another one post would be uploaded in the future to explain the topic deeply. intro to ixd: thumbnail

  4. (Course Project) Interaction Product Design: MISHIJI 觅食记
    Post Link
    We designed a game based on Wechat Mini Program which would provide suggestions when the users don’t know what & where to eat now when getting out together.
    IxD Product Design Thumbnail

  5. (Course Project) Human-Computer Interaction: ComfortaBot 康复他帮
    Concept Video with poor and hilarious acting skills
    A ChatGPT-based, customized, multimodal interactive accompany system. A post introducing its details would be posted later.
    Sorry Kirby, we ruined your reputation…

  6. (Course Project) User Experience and Innovative Design:
    Epidemiology Dissemination for pupils 讲给小学生的流行病学科普
    Demo videos made in a hurry: Video#1, and Video#2.
    A dissemination aimed at telling WHY the world became so weird, during & after the pandemic 3 years. The technique of Interactive Video is introduced into the design.
    Here’s a good example of Interactive Videos: 基本操作 Play Class, or you can view their demonstrating video here.

Future works; under construction yet

Heading for CHI 24!

Shanghaitech U.
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Prof. Quan Li’s Homepage


The background picture of this site is taken at Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport, in the morning of August 23rd, 2022.
Guizhou, such a wonderful place.
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